Welcome to the website of the Racing Team Zenklusen

As one of the few teams in Switzerland, we have with Vanessa Zenklusen a young and fast lady on the steering wheel of our race car. During the season, we actively and successfully participate in the Swiss hillclimb and slalom championship. We use a Subaru Impreza Type R. In the past years we could already celebrate many victories and podium places with it.

But we are also active on an international level and participate whenever possible in sprint and endurance races abroad. Since our vehicle is not designed for this, we then always fall back on vehicles from partners.

Racing Team Vanessa Zenklusen

Saison 2021

Unfortunately, even we cannot predict which races will actually be able to take place in 2021. Nevertheless, we have created a provisional race calendar:

24. Mai 2021Trackday / Test - Circuit de Bresse (F)
12. / 13. Juni 2021RRCV Damüls (A)
9. / 10. Juli 2021RRCV Arlberg (A)
17. / 18. Juli 2021Slalom Frauenfeld (CH)
28. / 29. August 2021Bergrennen Oberhallau (CH)
11. / 12. September 2021RRCV Gargellen (A)
2. / 3. Oktober 2021Slalom Ambri (CH)
9. / 10. Oktober 2021RRCV Eichenberg (A)

Review 2020

We had already decided (without being able to see ahead) at the end of autumn 2019 to take the step of not racing in the 2020 season and to take the car apart again down to the last screw and, based on the Interswiss regulations, to further optimize and almost completely rebuild it. Always with the fear of almost not being able to endure the «race-free» summer, it was in retrospect (and sadly) exactly the right year to take time off.

With EGMO (Eggenberger Motorenbau) we now have a partner at our side who knows his business and has built us a super engine and wiring harness. Many hours of work have passed since then. For nights on end we screwed, optimized and embellished.

Review 2019

Vision for the future

In order to improve not only the vehicle but also the driving performance, we were guest starters at the 2hrs Börde Cup in Oschersleben (D) in november 2018. There, Vanessa was able to gain her first circuit experience. As the performance in the Dacia Logan did not really impress her, we joined the 4h New Year’s race in the Winter Cup Zandvoort (NL) in january 2019. This time with a Mitjet 2l. Now she has finally tasted blood. Her ability and driving performance has not gone unrecognized. Many positive feedbacks and the invitation to participate in the NES500 now make her look for the necessary sponsors to secure the financing.

Racing Team Zenklusen

Vanessa Zenklusen

Born on 23th April 1994
Resident in Hallau (Canton Schaffhausen)
Profession: Car-Painter
Current job: Backoffice Sales at Meguiar’s Switzerland

Besides motorsport I work 100% in the internal sales department at Meguiar’s MTS / Belfa AG in Glattbrugg. So my professional career continues to revolve around cars.

Results 2019

1st rank – Bergrennen Les Rangiers (CH)
2nd rank – Slalom Ambri (CH)
2nd rank – Slalom Drognens (CH)
2nd rank – Bergrennen Les Paccots (CH)
2nd rank – Bergrennen Gurnigel (CH)
2nd rank – Bergrennen Oberhallau (CH)
3rd rank – Slalom Frauenfeld (CH)
3rd rank – Slalom Bière (CH)
3rd rank – Bergrennen Hemberg (CH)
4th rank – Slalom Interlaken (CH)
4th rank – Slalom Bure (CH)
4th rank – Bergrennen Ayent-Anzère (CH)

Results 2018

1st rank – Slalom Drognens (CH)
1st rank – Bergslalom Eichenberg (AT)
2nd rank – Bergrennen Les Rangiers (CH)
2nd rank – Bergrennen Oberhallau (CH)
2nd rank – Bergrennen Gurnigel (CH)
2nd rank – Bergrennen Les Paccots (CH)
3rd rank – Bergrennen Ayent-Anzère (CH)
3rd rank – Slalom Ambri (CH)
4th rank – Bergrennen Reitnau (CH)
7th rank – Bergrennen Hemberg (CH)

Results 2017

1th rank – Bergrennen Gurnigel (CH)
1th rank – Bergrennen Les Rangiers (CH)
1th rank – Slalom Ambri (CH)
3rd rank – Slalom Frauenfeld (CH)
3rd rank – Bergrennen Ayent-Anzère (CH)
7th rank – Bergrennen Oberhallau (CH)
8th rank – Slalom Bure (CH)
8th rank – Bergrennen Hemberg (CH)
9th rank – Bergrennen Reitnau (CH)
13th rank – Bergrennen Mickhausen (DE)

Results 2016

1th rank – Slalom Ambri (CH)
2nd rank – Slalom Frauenfeld (CH)
3rd rank – Bergrennen Hemberg (CH)
3rd rank – Bergrennen Les Rangiers (CH)
5th rank – Bergrennen Ayent-Anzère (CH)
6th rank – Bergrennen Reitnau (CH)

The Racecar

Racing Team Vanessa Zenklusen


Since I always stood out with my vehicles, at that time still in the tuning scene, I also wanted to build a conspicuous vehicle for hillclimbing. So I decided on a 99 Impreza GC8 Type R, which was imported directly from Japan. The special model I chose was limited to 1000 cars. At the beginning or until and with the season 2019 I chose the color turquoise, because it is extremely striking and feminine but still not pink. Thus, the recognition value is extremely high. The Type R was in addition up to and with the season 2019 (because it was imported directly from Japan) right-hand drive and a coupe. With this vehicle I could already celebrate some successes. But through the major conversion in 2020, the steering was changed to the left.

the race car from the 2021 season

The vehicle changed in the big rebuild 2020 not only visually, no also with the technology we had a lot of plans. So we decided to impose a «diet» on the Impreza and have finally removed the heavy (original) wiring harness and built a new one by EGMO. Also the original ECU, which had handicapped us in the past, was replaced by a new, freely programmable one. The engine was completely disassembled by EGMO (Eggenberger Motorenbau) and rebuilt one more time.

the race car from season 2018

Due to 2 engine failures in the 2017 season, I decided in winter 2017/2018 to build a completely new engine. So that everything does not have to be done twice, it was invested directly in high-quality material. Thus, a complete forged engine was built. The new engine was improved with larger displacement, Manley connecting rods, Manley pistons, sharp camshafts, titanium valve springs, larger oil pump and various other parts. As a result, the new engine can withstand a power output of about 550hp.

Technical information

KarosserieSubaru Impreza Type R V‐limited
KategorieInterswiss ‐ über 3000ccm
Motor02er Spec C Motor
Getriebe6 Gang Dogbox Getriebe
FahrwerkKW Clubsport
Gewicht1160kg inkl. Fahrer
Benzin100 Octan Bleifrei
Öl10W60 vollsynthetisch
Verbaute TeileHermann Einschweisszelle, Sparco Vollschalensitz, Sparco 6‐Punkt Gurt, FIA Benzintank mit 2 Benzinpumpen, gefederte Sinterkupplung, leichtes Schwungrad, 3 Zoll Auspuffanlage Eigenbau
FelgenRegen: JapanRacing 8x16
Slicks: JapanRacing 8x17
ReifenRegen: Avon Regenreifen (geschnittene Slicks)
Slicks: Avon

Investment in safety

Safety in a race car is extremely important to me. That’s why a welded-in cell from Hermann Motorsport was installed in the new race car. This increases the stiffness, which is enormously important in the event of an accident. In addition, the handling is enormously improved by the stiffness of the car body.