Past history

Since I always attracted attention with my vehicles, at that time still in the tuning scene, I wanted to build myself also a remarkable vehicle for mountain racing. So I decided for a 98 Impreza GC8 Type R, which was imported directly from Japan. The special model, which I chose, was also limited to 1000 vehicles. I chose the colour turquoise because it is extremely striking and feminine but still not pink. Thus the recognition value is extremely high. The Type R is also right-hand drive and a coupé. With this car I could already celebrate some successes.

Racing-car from season 2018

We drivers as well as the organizers invest a lot in the safety of the race cars and the race track. However, there is no 100% safety in motorsport, which was brought back to all of us in the 2017 season by some serious accidents. So after the last season I decided to invest even more in the safety of my racing car. At the same time, various investments will be necessary for the new year, which are prescribed by the regulations.

Technical Information

KarosserieSubaru Impreza Type R V‐limited
KategorieInterswiss ‐ über 3000ccm
Motor02er Spec C Motor
Getriebe6 Gang Dogbox Getriebe
FahrwerkKW Clubsport
Leistungetwas über 450PS und 500nm
Gewicht1160kg inkl. Fahrer
Benzin100 Octan Bleifrei
Öl10W60 vollsynthetisch
Verbaute TeileHermann Einschweisszelle, Sparco Vollschalensitz, Sparco 6‐Punkt Gurt, FIA Benzintank mit 2 Benzinpumpen, gefederte Sinterkupplung, leichtes Schwungrad, 3 Zoll Auspuffanlage Eigenbau
FelgenRegen: JapanRacing 8x16
Slicks: JapanRacing 8x17
ReifenRegen: Avon Regenreifen (geschnittene Slicks)
Slicks: Avon

Investment in safety

The safety in a racing car is extremely important to me. Therefore a welding cell from Hermann Motorsport was installed in the new racing car. This increases the stiffness, which is enormously important in an accident. In addition the handling is enormously improved by the stiffness of the body.

Investment in performance

Due to 2 engine failures in the 2017 season, I decided to build a completely new engine. So that I don’t have to do everything twice, we invest directly in high-quality material. Thus a complete forging engine is built up. The new engine will have a larger displacement and will be improved with Manley conrods, Manley pistons, a sharp camshaft, titanium valve springs, a larger oil pump and various other parts. Thus the new engine withstands an achievement of approximately 550HP.